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Auto LPG in India is a fast growing fuel due to its economical and environmental benefits.

As per the World LPG statistics, Auto LPG as a fuel is growing at a substantial rate against the other conventional fuels like petrol & diesel. Even in India the growth of Auto LPG is phenomenal.

The business of Auto LPG has proved beyond any doubt that all the stake holders involved in this business are extremely satisfied due to its phenomenal economic advantage.

Indian customer is sensitive to price. The spiraling crude prices have resulted in very high costs of conventional liquid fuels, such as Petrol & Diesel. This has resulted in a quest for alternate fuel like Auto LPG. While the motorists are happy with its price advantage over Petrol & Diesel, the other stake holders are also equally satisfied with attractive margins from the business of Auto LPG Dispensing Station far exceeding margins on sale of Petrol or Diesel. Government of India has initiated a blue print & has encouraged us to offer Auto LPG as an alternate fuel. This economic perspective throws a wide range of opportunities to all the partners to grow together in the business of Auto LPG dispensing.